Saver filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases giving you up to 5 minutes of breathable air—enough to get you and your family safely out of the house during a fire.

80% of fire deaths

are caused by toxic gas and smoke rather
than burns.

Every 86 seconds

a home fire is reported in the
United States.

Every 2.5 hours

a civilian fire death occurs in the
United States.

What if there was a device small enough to fit in your hand that could save your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of a fire in your home?

Triple Filter Technology

Saver is designed with a triple filter system that removes toxic gases for up to 5 minutes. The triple filter removes smoke and dust, carbon monoxide, second-hand smoke and toxic smoke & materials. The manufacturer is ISO, OHSAS, and Q-Mark certified.

High Quality Guaranteed

Saver is manufactured using the latest technology and highest quality components to ensure your safety. Hopcalite turns the carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, allowing you to breathe without harm.

Award Winning

Winner of the prestigious “Best of the Best” Red Dot product design award in 2013, beating out more than 11,000 submissions from 61 countries around the world. Winner of the IF Product Design Award and Finalist in the International Design Excellence Award.

Safety Assurance

Saver has been tested and proven to eliminate 92% of toxic gases for up to 5 minutes. The toxicity testing of fire effluents ensures that Saver is effective in filtering toxic chemicals in smoke.

Quality Manufacturing

Our manufacturer’s quality certifications acknowledge compliance with regulatory requirements, best practices with regards to health and safety, and quality assurance standards aimed at improving product quality and protecting consumers.

Triple Filter Techonolgy

Key Features

  • Designed to prevent smoke inhalation
  • Filters toxic chemical substances
  • Activates in 5 seconds
  • Removes toxic gases for up to 5 minutes
  • One-time emergency use only
Easy to use! Saver can be activated in less than 5 seconds.


  • 1. Remove the cover cap.
  • 2. Place the nose grip on your nose.
  • 3. Remove the orange air shut-off cap.
  • 4. Breathe through the mouthpiece.
  • 5. Exit in a low stance: crouch.

Easy for children to use too. Instead of using the nose clip, have your children plug their nose while breathing through the Saver. Exit in a low stance. Smoke rises, so crouch while you walk, trying to stay below the smoke.

The Saver is so small and convenient it can be kept in your night table drawer, immediately accessible in the event of a fire.

Buy one for yourself or for everyone in your family. Equally necessary for home and office. It takes minutes for a fire truck to get to your home, and your home may be filled with smoke long before help arrives.